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Brian Hibbs provides major publishers, independent creators and publishers, retail start-ups and national distributors with retail intelligence for today’s fast changing environment. He's even advised a major Internet business on the best ways to work with independent brick and morter retailers for a win-win for everyone.  Conversant with all links in the supply chain, Brian works one-on-one with his clients, offering best-in-class solutions--NOT theory craft--for their real world marketing challenges.

Big and small publishers alike benefit from Brian's pro-active, predictive "before the fact" strategic insight and hands-on experience.  Services for publishers include:
-  Pre-publication critiques and consulting
-  Marketing planning
-  Insight into the psychology of independent retailers
-  Analysis of formatting and pricing
-  Assistance in communicating the value of your products in a way that is valuable to the listener

New! Publishers can now subscribe to an annual "Retail College" package which gives access to MONTHLY unfiltered podcasts of ordering meetings, and occasional video streams of Final Order Cutoff ordering sessions -- see the inside of the order process from the initial cold read-through of the monthly catalog to the now-it-really-counts order at FOC.  All this, plus the ability to ask regular essay questions on comics retailing for a low annual price.  Click here for a free sample of an ordering meeting.

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Retail Start-ups
For retail start-ups, services include:
-  Marketing insight
-  Business plan development
-  Inventory management strategies
-  Pre-opening planning
-  Financial analysis
-  Assistance with negotiating the entire environment of myriad publishers and distribution structures. 
-  Reasonable rates and reduced packages are available

From brainstorming cutting-edge ideas to selling-in new titles to the market, Brian's deep understanding of the industry is a strategic asset that can help you grow your business.
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