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Brian Hibbs Bio

Brian Hibbs is an internationally acclaimed expert on comics and comic book retailing. 

Both prescient and analytical, Brian was one of the three co-founders of Comics Pro, the professional organization for comic book retailers.  Known for doing the annual analysis of comic book titles for Neilsen's Book scan, his monthly column on comic book retailing, "Tilting at Windmills," has been regularly published since 1992.  Brian is founder and ongoing contributor to Savage Critic, an industry-leading website with ongoing commentary on comics and the comic book industry, and is a popular speaker at industry trade shows and conventions.  He has served as a judge for the prestigious Eisner awards and was on the board of directors of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. 

Married with one son, he continues to be "head cheese" at Comix Experience, San Francisco's premiere comic book and graphic novel shop, which he opened on April Fools Day, 1989.  In 2013, Brian purchased a second store, Comix Experience Outpost, taking the first step to establishing Comix Experience as a multi-store brand.  In 2015, faced with a 43% hike in San Francisco's minimum wage, he  created the Comix Experience Graphic Novel Club and Kids' Graphic Novel Club, an innovative step to drive additional income to meet the rise.

Conversant with all links in the supply chain, Brian has a proven track record consulting with large and small publishers, national distributors, retail start-ups, and independent creators.  From brainstorming new strategies to analyzing industry data, he stands ready to help you crack the code of doing business in today's complex comic book market.
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